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>What is "Ikebana Space"?
If you would like to know the objective of "Ikebana Space",
please see "Organization and Operation of Ikebana Space."
Anyone who agrees with the objective can become a member
after completing the admission procedure and making the membership fee payment.
"Ikebana Space" annual membership fee is ¥3,000.
We invite individuals, Ikebana schools, and groups for donations and banner advertisement. Please consider placing your ad with us!
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After receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation email.
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Organization and Operation
"Ikebana Space" offers an open venue to exchange information and messages regarding Ikebana (Traditional Japanese flower arrangement) in the following pages:
 ●Ikebana Encyclopedia
Ikebana Photo Gallery
 ●Ikebana Events
 ●Passed Events⁄News
 ●Member Forum
Anyone who agrees with the objective of "Ikebana Space" may post messages after submitting a completed application form, obtaining a member ID, and making a membership fee payment.
We also have the "Chat Room" where anyone can post opinions and comments on this website.
Rules of "Ikebana Space" → Please See Rules
Our Privacy Policy → Please See "Privacy Policy"

How to join "Ikebana Space"? (Obtaining a membership ID)
When you apply for a membership, you can apply either online.
You will receive an email with a membership ID and membership fee payment instruction.
When you receive an email that confirms your payment, application process is completed.
(Please notify us if you do not receive a confirmation email.)
You can start posting comments at the site as soon as you send your application form.
(If we don’t receive your payment in 10 business days, your comments will be deleted.)

Members can post comments in the following categories:
 ●Ikebana Encyclopedia(Accumulation of Ikebana information by freely posting information on history⁄culture⁄techniques⁄styles⁄schools⁄organizations⁄ who’s who⁄terminology, and etc.)
 ●Ikebana Photo Gallery(Introduction of Ikebana works of members.)
 ●Ikebana Events(Introduction of upcoming Ikebana exhibitions⁄Demonstrations⁄Workshops, and etc.)
 ●Passed Events⁄News(Introduction of passed Ikebana exhibitions⁄ Demonstrations ⁄Workshops, and etc.)
 ●Ikebana Classes(Information on members’classes)
 ●Links(Information on web and links)
 ●Member Forum(A place to discuss among members such as this organization’s operation, site editing/articles, etc.)

How to Upload
In order to upload your article, login first to post comments, then follow the instructions on the page.
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