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Rules of Ikebana Space (Please read before registration)

Rules of Ikebana Space
Article 1. Name
The name of the organization is, “Ikebana Space”
Article 2. Objective
The objective of the organization is to offer an open venue to exchange information and enhance understanding of Ikebana, traditional Japanese flower arrangement.
Article 3. Membership (joining and withdrawal)
Anyone who agrees with our objective, which is mentioned in Article 2, and submits a completed application form and a 3000 yen membership fee, is qualified as a member of the organization.
Any member who establishes an account with a user name and a password, shall be eligible to login to “Ikebana Space” pages and post and edit information.
When a member wishes to withdraw from the organization, the member needs to send a notice. However, in the event of the following incidents, the Ikebana Space Operation Committee may determine a membership to be withdrawn or terminated:
a. Failure to pay membership fee by the due date
b. Causing a significant disgrace to the organization
Article 4. Operating Cost and Membership Fee
Operating costs of the organization shall be covered by membership fees, contributions, and operating revenue. Membership fees shall be paid for each fiscal year, which starts on September 1, and ends on August 31, of the following year.
Article 5. Operation
The working committee for the organization shall be called “IIkebana Space Operating Committee.” When selecting committee members who are required to run the organization, an accountant and an auditor must be included. The selected person who represents the Committee shall be responsible for operating the organization for the fiscal year.
Article 6. Meetings and Gatherings
The annual meeting of the organization shall be held in August in addition to other meetings and gatherings, which shall be held on the Website from time to time. The minutes of these meetings shall be disclosed on the Web.
Article 7. Amendment of Articles
Amendments of articles shall be made known to all members 30 or more days prior to the annual meeting, and shall be implemented after obtaining approval at the annual meeting.
Supplementary provision
These rules were compiled on June 15, 2008 at the “Ikebana Space” meeting, and executed on the same day.

Copyright and Privacy Policies (Please read before registration)

Copyright, Information Collection, Information Sharing, Information Disclosure

In order to live up to the trust that “Ikebana Space” members place with us, we protect your copyright and personal information in the following manner.

All copyrights for the articles and photographs that are posted on our Website belong to the members who posted the item. It is prohibited to copy, modify, or redistribute articles or photographs without the contributorŐs consent and without acknowledging “Ikebana Space” as the source.

On the other hand, when an article or an image is found not to be the original of the contributor and may violate copyright law, the article or the image will be deleted at the discretion of the site administrator, and the contributor will be notified. The contributorŐs protest shall be discussed at an Operating Committee meeting.

Personal Information
“Ikebana Space” will not track and identify the IP addresses that are collected when you visit our Website. We do not share our membersŐ personal information with third parties for purposes other than the operation of the site, except when it is necessary to protect the rights and properties of the organization and other concerned parties.

“Ikebana Space” Website will protect personal information that we receive from our membersŐ browsers and other information that was included in the reply to certain web pages by using a rigid security system.

MembersŐ Agreement

“Ikebana Space” provides the service with the assumption that all members agree with our copyright and privacy policies. When a member makes changes and modifications, the policies are considered as agreed.

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