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>What is "Ikebana Space"?
If you would like to know the objective of "Ikebana Space",
please see "Organization and Operation of Ikebana Space."
Anyone who agrees with the objective can become a member
after completing the admission procedure and making the membership fee payment.
"Ikebana Space" annual membership fee is ¥3,000.
We invite individuals, Ikebana schools, and groups for donations and banner advertisement. Please consider placing your ad with us!
Click here to make donations→ Click here to run a banner advertisement→
Please see below for banner advertisement fees. Fees are set according to the size of banner image.

Banner size (pixel)
Anual fee
180 (W)×80(L)
180(W)×160(L) or 360(W)×80(L)

After receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation email.
After receiving the confirmation email, please make a payment following the instructions.
Please note that your ad will be deleted when the payment is not received in 10 business days after your ad is up.