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★Information with # are required: 1 Name(Ikebana pseudonym), 2 Last name/First name3 Email address, 4 Password.
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★Please fill in items such as The name of your Ikebana School if it applies.

When you click the send button, the below message in a blue table appears, and shows what you wrote
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Information with "N/A" are not required for a membership registration. Please save this URL address in your favorites. When you want to make changes, call this address, enter your password, click edit button to enter the edit screen.

There are many items in the edit screen; however, only the first 5 items will be directly reflected on the page.
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Help for Posting Comments

After you complete your membership registration, go to the login page by clicking "post a new message button", select and click one of the 7 categories. Then you will see the page to post your message. After that, follow the same procedure as in membership registration. You can edit from an edit window at each page.(# In order to edit the link page, you will need to do so in the special page for editing links)
After confirming the message you sent, click and go back to the page where you have posted the message and confirm what you have posted is reflected on the page.
Each time you write a new article, login by clicking "post new button".
You can switch an article that is posted on "Upcoming event" to "news" when the event is over. Go in from an edit screen, and change the word in pull down menu from "event". to "news".
Please be aware that when an event is over, the site manager may move the event article to news page. When you don't see your article in the event page, look for it on the news page as well.
You may post a photo on the news page as long as the photo is uploaded in the photo field.